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Dust Cutter derives its name from the Wild West when a cowboy was done riding through the range in the Sonoran Desert. He would find no better relaxation than moseying into the local saloon to grease his throat and “cut the dust” in his mouth with a strong drink.

Dust Cutter


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Dust Cutter is a modern take on cowboy culture, slang and life in The Southwest. Dust Cutter's open plan invites interaction between the bar, the lobby, and the street, inviting locals to come together and patrons of Renaissance to be connected to all the action. Authentic experience and community is created as hotel guests mingle with locals. We embrace our local roots by making a conscious effort to serve local beer and wine on tap. Dishes are shareable and made with locally sourced ingredients inspired by the Sonoran desert through a modern American approach.

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100 N. 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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